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In 2004, French machine tool builder MANURHIN K´MX from Mulhouse with a rich history, century-old tradition (established in 1920) and high know-how in turning of small parts from the bar stock and Czech machine tool builder TAJMAC-ZPS from Zlín with a tradition of 120 years and its high-tech know-how in the area of turning on multi-spindle automatic machines have joined the forces by acquisition. These joined forces have made it possible to build a project that is not only able to offer innovative technology solutions in the field of turning, but is also economically very stable.

Our customers on MANURHIN K'MX machines from Zlín do appreciate their technical maturity, which guarantees their high competitiveness, an attractive price and, last but not least, the economic stability of the company, which guarantees to customer considerable safety in the supply of spare parts and technological support.


NEW ERA - Swiss automatic lathes MANURHIN K'MX

Since the acquisition of the French MANURHIN K'MX, 550 MANURHIN K'MX machines have been produced and assembled in the TAJMAC-ZPS plant in Zlín in the Czech Republic between 2006 and 2017. We delivered these machines mainly to 3 regions . We have installed over 250 machines in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Switzerland and in the adjacent areas of Germany and France and Italy about 200 machines and about 50 machines in the Benelux countries. The rest of the exports were more or less unique sales in different countries without systematic work in those markets. You may see it well in the REFERENCE section on the main page. The reason was obvious. With a production and assembly capacity of a maximum of 60 machines a year, it was not important to spend money on expanding into new markets. From 2018 our marketing will change fundamentally because we will open a new assembly specifically for MANURHIN K'MX machines. We should be able to assemble there 100 machines per year and logically start developing in new markets where we have no influence yet.

First steps lead to the neighboring market in Poland and the most competitive market in the world, the US market.

Currently we have started in 2017 from the Czech Republic the support of the market in Germany. We send for a few week periods to our subsidiary, MANURHIN K'MX GmbH in Villingen-Schwenningen, our service technicians to strengthen the service capacity of our German colleagues. Benefit will come not only for a German customer but we expect this to result into increased sales on this economically strongest European market.

To Asia we have chosen the different route. In October 2016, together with a leading Indian machine tool builder, Galaxy Machinery, we have established joint venture for production of MANURHIN K'MX machines in India for India, named GALAXY-TAJMAC Machinery Pvt. Ltd. In July 2017, the first MANURHIN K'MX 413 was produced and assembled in India was introduced to Indian customers. Serial production has already begun, and since January 2018, two units of MANURHIN K'MX 413 machines per month will leave assembly hall in Indian Belgaum to reach their Indian customers.

Actual snapshots from assembly, showroom and meeting room MANURHIN K'MX:

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